Ant Farm Survival Map for Minecraft 1.8.8

Ant Farm Survival Map

As the name sounds, Ant Farm Survival Map is a giant ant farm with lots of challenges. This map is great for you to review your skill with a lot of objectives to reach, arduous and threatening terrain, and also some mob spawners.

Ant Farm Survival Map

Ant Farm Survival Map

Players can complete challenges both in mainland and the Nether. Challenges become more difficult with the opaque walls when players go inside – made from re-textured bedrock, it gets darker and darker and players difficultly see surrounding. Also, because of no coral ore, you yourselves create your charcoal.

Ant Farm Survival Map

Ant Farm Survival Map

The challenges in the map include:

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  • Making a bow
  • Making glass
  • Making a bucket
  • Making iron tools
  • Making an infinite water source
  • Finding and harvesting sugar cane
  • Making a bookshelf
  • Enchanting an item
  • Making a house
  • Finding, harvesting and growing red and brown giant mushrooms
  • Finding and activating the hidden chicken spawner
  • Making a cake
  • Making TNT
  • Taming a wolf
  • Making a wheat farm
  • Making a melon farm
  • Making a compass
  • Finding and harvesting all 8 diamonds
  • Destroying / disabling all spawners (Total 18 hostile spawners)

The challenges in the Nether:

  • Get gold nuggets
  • Make a clock
  • Make a golden apple
  • Find and harvest glowstone
  • Find the Nether Fortress
  • Find the treasure room in the Nether Fortress
  • Destroy all Nether Spawners (Total 14)
  • Make a healing potion

The map also gives you some surprises to see along the way such as hidden ores, mob spawners, and detailed rooms.

Ant Farm Survival Map for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

  • Greatest graphical overhaul since version 2; Everything is much more detailed!

A giant zombie by the giant door, which can break it!

Updated texture pack, without it, room will look even crazier now!

Fixed an unpredictable occurence that usually happens in the treasure room.

Mobs will no longer spawn in windows, that means higher spawn rate in the ant farm!

Less impossible to get the diamond block under the bed. But still hard!

Changed up the Easter eggs outside the giant room!

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Credit: MGPlatinium[/tie_list]