Buttons Map for Minecraft 1.8.8


Simply as its name, the goal in Buttons Map is to find the hidden buttons in an adventure map where you can take your trip through various puzzles. Without any hints, some of them may seem a bit tricky. However, for those who love challenges, this is a wonderful map for them to experience.


Every level has a button that is tucked away. Your mission is go through15 total levels in a major variety of places including forest, tundra, cave, mushroom biomes, special desert shrine, ocean shrine and library.  This means that you will not get boring of playing in the same theme. Specially, this map fits for a large range of skill levels as it combines both easy and difficult aspects. It is completely multiplayer compatible one with a new take in class puzzle map in Minecraft. In addition, the game do not let players cheat and break bocks such as paintings and signs. Therefore, it is fairly a good choice to do something different.

Buttons Map Stages

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  • Stage 1: Forest
  • Stage 2: Tundra
  • Stage 3: Desert Shrine
  • Stage 4: Cave
  • Stage 5: Home
  • Stage 6: Fancy
  • Stage 7: Ocean Shrine
  • Stage 8: Library
  • Stage 9: Illusion
  • Stage 10: Mushroom Island
  • Stage 11: Treehouse
  • Stage 12: Laboratory
  • Stage 13: Highway
  • Stage 14: Maze
  • Stage 15: Ancient Shrine


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Credit: Hyugyio