Chisel 2 Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

Chisel 2 Mod

Those who like setting various structures with special design in Minecraft, the limited amount of blocks and textures can become kind of underwhelming. Players have many choices of different blocks. Having some blocks are really very good, for example, redstone blocks have ability to run circuit across a house or other structure. The Chisel 2 mod is suitable for those who have tends to artist. It gives some dozen new static blocks with unique designs which players can etch onto blocks by using the chisel.

Chisel 2 Mod

You should yourselves research to understand. Basically, the Chisel 2 mod takes the “random blocks” from Minecraft menu to hold up to the extreme. That helps players have a dozen different designs for the same block. Moreover, they can use whatever design to build something. Actually, you won’t have 12 different blocks, what you have is 12 different designs to etch into each the face. So, players can use any design whenever they want.

Chisel 2 Mod

As soon as you have a chisel using some iron and a stick, you can open the special chisel GUI just by a click. There is a menu in which you carve your blocks. You will get used to it quickly if you play with Chisel 2 mod for a time. Players have to put your starting block in the middle of the new window and the mod has responsibility for the rest. Besides, the mod also gives a couple other utility items such as the Cloud in a Bottle which help players have higher jumping.

Chisel 2 mod Changelogs

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  • Fixed the console spam and for those who didn’t grab the reupload of 2.5 it fixes that crash as well![/tie_list]

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for Minecraft 1.7.10 – Forge Required

Credit: TheCricket26 – Original Thread on Curse