Coros’ Localized Weather and Stormfronts Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10


Talking about the mods that isrelated to the weather, it can be seen that not many mods is about this field. It is very boring when you keep playing games with the simply systems. From this, Coros has been working hard to make his desire about the weather in Minecraft come true. Therefore, Coros’ Localized Weather and Stormfronts Mod was born as new effects for Minecraft that give you real experience. For example, you are not influenced by the rain or snow in vanilla Minecraft otherwise it is impossible to light your torches when it is raining in this new mod.

coros-localized-weather-and-stormfronts-mod coros-localized-weather-and-stormfronts-mod

The new interesting things are added in this mod including tornadoes, cyclones, realistic stormclouds coming in from a distance and rain clouds building up moisture from water and moist biomes. Also, the look of storms has been improved from the old weather mod and trees can blow in wind sound. In addition, waterfalls that make strong water sounds give real feeling for players.Specially, atmosphere is a key factor that impacts to the weather naturally in Coros’ Localized Weather and Stormfronts Mod. This is a fantastic explore for players.


Coros’ Localized Weather and Stormfronts Mod Changelogs

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  • Fixed a crash that could occur on startup of client, possibly due to other mods installed.
  • Fixed grabbed blocks not getting their metadata value correctly which caused them to have potentially wrong state when finally lands and blockifies.
  • Made tornadoes block ripping shape be circular instead of square.


How to install

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  • Download the mod!
  • When you haven’t installed Minecraft Forge and CoroUtil yet, download and install it.
  • Move the downloaded .jar into the mods folder.
  • Have fun!


Download Links

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