Decoy Dragons Mod for 1.7.10

Decoy Dragons mod

Decoy Dragons Mod has not many effects on the change of Minecraft but it helps players have some small dragons for their intention. Some specialized dragons are designed according to biomes so it is impossible to access a dragon in a opposite area. Dragons have separated training item and players can use these items to control all of dragons. Therefore all of these dragons are useful.

Decoy Dragons mod

It is easy to control your tamed dragons.  Players just click and the dragons will follow your direction such as: up, down, stay, stop  or move…  Decoy dragons have wonderful special capabilities. They are absolutely unaffected by both fire and water, that means they will be not submerged in the water and burned in the fire.  With their resistance against the fire, you can completely bring with you in the Nether. They always are equipped the special system.

Decoy Dragons

This game concentrates on significant kind of ore which is called rainbow opal. Each section of the ore help to tame weaker dragons in the mod. Players who desire to have stronger and more respectable dragons need to take fresh rainbow opal gem. Decoy Dragons has many common points with DragonCatcher Mod and if you used to play this game, you will realize the similarities among them. Of course, this is not a copy of Dragoncatcher Mod, the Decoy Dragons has own special ideas.

Decoy Dragons Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 Changelogs

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  • Added Telephone Angel Dragon!
  • Dragons (excluding angel dragons) breed with beef.

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for Minecraft 1.7.10 – Forge Required

Credit: DecoySoftTeam – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum[/tie_list]