The Realism Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

The Realism Resource Pack

There are many resource packs now claiming themselves being able to make the Minecraft world look more realistic by smoothing edges, adding pixels, boosting the textures of blocks and resolutions, icons and items as well as implementing other changes so as to totally modify the Minecraft’s appearance, or considerably boost the graphics with normal textures. Among all of them, there is only one bold seemed good enough to call itself as The Realism Resource Pack. It’s really a popular series for those loving Minecraft.

The Realism Resource Pack

Not only boosting the look of every single texture in the Minecraft with the 64x resolution, which is four-time better than standard Minecraft, but the Realism resource pack is also able to convert a great number of rarely used textures into modern look items. The pack is considered perfect for constructing both large, metropolitan cities, and smaller neighborhoods. Its lighting effects are pretty decent, but not as if the modded lighting or something like this, helping keep the mobs away from the normal number of blocks, based on the intensity of the light.

The Realism Resource Pack

So, if you are looking for a resource pack combining realistic textures and modern blocks in a format that allows a majority of Minecraft gamers to easily approach, the Realism Resource Pack might be exactly what you need. Certainly, it isn’t the best realism pack because there are many other ones that feature a lot more detailed textures and blocks; however, it is kinda a perfect middle ground, giving a very broad appeal that other resource hog packs don’t have.

The Realism Resource Pack

The Realism Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

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  • Changed bricks and edtied sandstone.
  • New textures.

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