Project Destiny Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

project destiny resource pac

Resource Packs coming in a variety of resolutions are usually among the best choices for Minecraft players. The common point of them is a kind of built-in versatility that allows all types of computers to access. And the Destiny resource pack is a great example of this as it offers 8x, 16x, and even significantly sharper 64x versions in the works.

project destiny resource pac

Even though the Destiny resource pack is not finished yet, it still looks pretty good. Take a look at this, we’ll find that the modified sky, as well as new clouds, are actually easy on the eyes, but simple enough to not make your computers overloading. As using the pack, Minecraft players also find nods to other games like Trove and Starbound throughout its textures.

project destiny resource pac

However, the custom GUI of Project Destiny resource pack seems to make everything somehow strangely bright and fluorescent, which’s really a bad thing as the text in the menu buttons features white color. Of course, that is very hard for the players to see on the glaring blue background, and then, probably frustrate them someway.

project destiny resource pac

Project Destiny Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

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  • Added End Sky
  • Added Clouds
  • Added Crosshair
  • Added Menu Buttons
  • Fixed Hotbar Selection thingy

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Credit: DikerdodlePlays[/tie_list]