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Player API Mod for Minecraft 1.8/1.7.10

The Player API mod is a crucial tool for occasional modders, or someone who implement multiple mods at once. Basically, it reduces the probability of an error or incompatibility while running mods. The mechanic is that the mod replaces the original game client with an updated one with completely different coding and features. The mod would require some knowledge on Java and basic modding. So if you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t mess around with the thing or your game can end up broken. Backing up your game first is a no-brainer.

Player API Mod Player API Mod

Most mods are compatible with the Player API, the list of these mods increases after every update. Should you confront any performance issues or error in gameplay that shouldn’t have occurred after performing any action with the mod, send a report to the developer. If your complaint is legit, the problem will be looked into and solutions will be provided within a week. If there are no reply from the devs, then you should probably reread the instruction because you didn’t do it right. In these situations, most players would recommend re-install the game entirely. Backing up your save game is advised. This mod is not for everyone. Make sure you grasp the installation guide before tweaking with this mod.

How to install Player API Mod?

  1. Download & install the Forge API for Minecraft.
  2. After installing, download the Player API.
  3. Open the Run prompt and type in %appdata%
  4. Go to the .minecraft/mods directory.
  5. Put the mod jar file into mods folder.

Download Links for Player API Mod

for Minecraft 1.7.10

for Minecraft 1.8

Credit: Divisor – Original Thread on MinecraftForum.


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