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Twisty Snake Parkour Map for Minecraft 1.8.8

Twisty Snake Parkour Map has feature of a giant – snake with flashy colors hung in the sky. To move the snake the player must run, climb, jump and drop.  The author calls it snake although it is not much different from a dragon or a giant lizard hovering in the sky. There are several ways which can be applied to clear different sections in which they feature blocks of color chart. Everything is so obvious but the more unclear it is, the more easily player can get any single level.

Twisty Snake Parkour Map

Players may play again and again at first but when you play more and have experiences with parkour and judging distances that will help more.  At each stage, player can check point at the middle of stage and you absolutely can restart if your play is not good. It still has some challenges in a secret diamond at each stage. It is not easy to find out all but you are really excellent if you can do it.


How to install Twisty Snake Parkour Map?

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  • Download the map!
  • Unzip the archive.
  • Drag and drop the folder “Twisty Snake Parkour!” into “C:Users*USER*AppDataRoaming.minecraftsaves”
    Start Minecraft.
  • Select and play the map![/tie_list]

Download Links for Twisty Snake Parkour Map

Credit: Daniel_Creates


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